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Can you shed more light on the Dutch company involved. Remember Dutch companies were also involved in the World islands of the coast of Middle Eastern gulf states, which were thought to affect coral reefs,

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Some folks may be interested in hearing about this. I have my doubts. Can anyone shed any light on if this island-building project is going ahead, or if its even a viable idea? Even so, they don't mention any facilities for locals to relocate from the overpopulated Male.
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  a.. $500M plan to replace the Maldives' sinking islands with man-made ones
  Amid fears that many of its 1,190 islands will soon be submerged, the Maldives has formed a joint venture with architectural firm Dutch Docklands International to build the world's biggest series of artificial floating islands in the Indian Ocean. The $500 million project will include a convention center, hotel, yacht club and solar-powered golf course. The islands will be attached to the sea floor by cables or mooring piles for stability, reducing the effect on sea life.
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