[Coral-List] Urgent need to create portal site for all marine science data, information and research

RainbowWarriorsInternational southern_caribbean at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 19:31:06 EDT 2012

Alarming reports from all over the world are making it necessary to provide an up-to-date central portal for all issues related to marine ecosystems, marine sciences and the health of our oceans and its constituents, e.g. very large marine ecosystems, coral reefs and related coastal and ocean ecosystems, marine biodiversity, and also in relationship to food production, climate change and ecosystem services.

A myriad of portals already exist but only all-round generalized issue researchers can actually find information fast and where it matters.

Right now more than ever a venture our organization we embarked on 5 years ago is making more sense than ever.

What should such a portal look like? We technically have some pretty good ideas.

The idea is to provide rapid access to both open access publications as well as paid for professional peer- reviewed journals and research reports and documents from NGOs, research institutes, universities, international bodies, UN included and educators as well.

And we plan to also provide access to a range of tools, whether they be online services, cloud computing based tools or downloadable tools.

We are very much interested in setting up a group of interested individuals in getting the infrastructure off the ground.

A first absolute necessity is to create an "ontology" for all things ocean and coastal related which allows a tree like search for issues, categories and themes.

We are open for information, suggestions and references to already existing ontologies and similar initiatives.

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