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Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 13 13:41:02 EDT 2012

FYI (and I know nothing of the specifics).

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Upcoming Job Announcement for:

Director of the Environmental Research Division

Southwest Fisheries Science Center

La Jolla, CA


In the next few days, NOAA/SWFSC (http://swfsc.noaa.gov/) will advertise a
job opportunity for the position of Director of the Environmental Research
Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries
Service, NOAA.

 The position will be advertised through USAJobs; the time window to apply
will be limited.  The position is a Supervisory Research Oceanographer,
ZP-1360-05.  Salary range: $123,728 - $155,500.  (See opportunity
announcement for education and experience requirements.  You must provide
all transcripts from all degrees received by the closing date of the
announcement.)   U.S. citizenship required.

This position is located at the National Marine Fisheries Service,
Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWC), Environmental Research Division
(ERD) in La Jolla, CA.  The ERD has a major focus on assessing,
understanding and predicting the effects of climate and environmental
variability – from global to local scales that are important to fish
populations, protected species and marine ecosystems.  The ERD provides
appropriate science-based environmental analyses, products and information
to the SWC and its fishery scientists and managers, as a means to
developing more effective ecosystem approaches to management.

The individual selected for this position will: * Manage, supervise, and
lead a research organization with the goal of conducting scientific
research on fishery-related effects of natural environmental variability; *
Independently plan, develop, and implement vital projects that have
operating unit and/or Department-wide scope; * Formulate and carry out a
complex research and policy analysis program of major importance
(in science, engineering, calibration, information technology, economics,
social science or statistics) under general policy guidance; *
Significantly advance science and technology by promoting wide application
of program results through publications, presentations, or authoritative
reports or analyses.

See USAJobs (position will be posted soon):


Search for: "Oceanographer La Jolla"


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