[Coral-List] reporting [CO2] to the public

BRUCE CARLSON exallias2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:54:25 EDT 2012

Just a thought to toss out to everyone:  If a goal is to reduce atmospheric CO2, and if this ultimately requires participation of absolutely everyone, shouldn't everyone know what the concentration of CO2 is on a regular basis so we can all see how it is changing?  

We in the science community all know how [CO2] is tracking over time, but how about the general public? If they can't see it or smell it, and if they don't read science reports, they can easily dismiss it as a non-existent problem.  Why shouldn't we, i.e., the science community, push to get TV weather reporters to routinely include a mention of global atmospheric CO2 concentration?  To go a step further, since NBC in the U.S. seems to be a leader in reporting changing weather trends in the daily news, why not get them to include CO2 tracking, perhaps on the Weather Channel, if not on the Nightly News? Maybe if the public starts to see how CO2 is changing over the long-run it will begin to sink in, especially as they/we all start correlating rising CO2 with the extreme changes in weather patterns.  

Stock market data and trends are presented everyday to everyone everywhere.  Why not do the same with CO2 and let people see the data for themselves? 

Bruce Carlson

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