[Coral-List] September coral spawning, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Emma Hickerson emma.hickerson at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 14 14:35:49 EDT 2012

Spectacular coral spawning at Flower Garden Banks National Marine
Sanctuary, in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, on the evening of
September 7, 2012, 8 nights after the full moon (as predicted by
FGBNMS staff). Spawn on surface around 20:15 CDT, divers in water at
East Flower Garden Bank buoy #7 from 20:30 -22:25 CDT. Observations
from 4 FGBNMS research divers: Montastraea cavernosa males 20:55-21:15
(8 colonies), M. cavernosa females 21:05-21:45 CDT (6 colonies), M.
franksi 21:15-22:15 CDT (73 colonies), Diploria strigosa 20:45-22:15
CDT (67 colonies). Water temperature 85F, no current, 0 ft seas. The
slick on the surface was impressive. Spawn continued as divers exited

Emma L. Hickerson
Flower Garden Banks NMS
Research Coordinator
4700 Ave. U, Bldg 216
Galveston, TX 77551
409-621-5151 ext. 111
979-777-3895 cell
emma.hickerson at noaa.gov

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