[Coral-List] Publicizing coral demise: Have Pics, Will Travel

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This is a very compelling approach. One need only look at "the Snows or
Kilimanjaro" to see how significant the situation is.

Our monitoring generates graphs and statistics, but if you show these kinds
of photo pairs to a congressman, they will be much more effective in
directing policy than our efforts at quantification. I believe that one
pair is not the same coral. Your photos of Dry Rocks appear to be Diploria
on the left and Siderastrea on the right. To head off a lengthy thread over
specifics, I'm a geologist so my coral IDs might be off, but they are
definitely different species. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing these with
us and reminding us that a picture is worth a thousand words..... and if
it's policy change we want, perhaps a hundred graphs.


On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 8:56 AM, david arnold <northwester at comcast.net>wrote:

> I read with frustration Ellen Prager's recent post about struggling to
> break through the glass ceiling of the public media. I have perhaps a
> dozen coral pairing photographs, "then and now," from the Keys and the
> Caribbean. They are museum quality very large files, the benchmark
> photographers found after sifting through ?500? old dive magazines. My
> website does NOT include all the parings because one pioneer UW
> shooter fears being ripped off. As you will see, I used the same
> comparison template with glaciers. If there is any way I can help you
> - PPT presentation, publications, etc - please flag me via my email,
> noted on the website. I am limited by my horizon. But every time I
> show the pairings I hear audience members groan. This is good. David
> Arnold in Boston; www.doublexposure.net
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