[Coral-List] Massive Coral Die Off in Kauai, Hawaii

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Terry Lilley and Greta Aeby,

Sorry by my English,

Dear Terry, his distrust of the Navy tests are perfectly correct, since the 
technology is expected to generate microwaves, that are very harmful to 
corals when it occurs in conjunction with eletromagnetic distortions and 
Beta radioactivity coming from underground.

When speaking of coral bleaching caused by global climate change, normally 
we relate the causes are acidification and rising sea temperature, however 
global warming also causes heating in the core of the planet and therefore 
an imbalance in electromagnetic emanation and Beta radioactivity across the 
Earth's surface.

This heater core is causing electromagnetic interference to the corals and 
all living beings, reducing the defenses of the immune system, allowing the 
emergence of diseases that did not exist before. In the last three years 
this imbalance has increased rapidly in the planet and the fact that the 
region is Hawaii's volcanic raises the level of inbalance which together 
with the action of microwave sparked a massive degeneration. However if it 
had been with microwave could have been a rise in sea's temperature.

These imbalance were also detected in our harmonizations presented on our 
site www.coralsurvival.com.br , but not at levels as high as in Hawaii.

This is a way to find the cause of disease in corals even further afield the 
coast, which can be neutralized as explained on our website.

I hope I had helped and that you can direct the scientific research to 


Ricardo Haraguchi
ricardo at coralsurvival.com.br

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   Please   contact   Terry   Lilley   with   any   info  regarding  this
   matter underwater2web@[3]gmail.com or Greta Aeby [4]greta at hawaii.edu

   It's very disturbing that not only the coral are being effected by this.



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