[Coral-List] Collection Advice

Stacy Bierwagen sbierwag at hawaii.edu
Mon Apr 1 18:34:44 EDT 2013

Hello Listers,

I am a student involved in a research project that includes acoustic
tagging and tracking of reef fish in Hawaii. Part of my duties this summer
will be to extend the project by attempting to apply tags to porcupine
fish, specifically *Diodon holocanthus, *to learn more about their
movements in a reef system. The preliminary research I have done has very
little on collection and tagging of porcupine fish and I was wondering if
anyone who subscribes to this list has access to a journal article that may
help or has personal experience with collection of these fish that could
give me advice on my methods for the project.


Stacy Bierwagen
TCBES Masters Program
University of Hawaii-Hilo
sbierwag at hawaii.edu

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