[Coral-List] Economic Evaluation of Sargassum

Billy Causey - NOAA Federal billy.causey at noaa.gov
Tue Apr 2 15:05:34 EDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,
We all recognize the importance of Sargassum as a floating (and attached)
habitat, it's ecological and biological importance and significance, but
what about its' economic importance.  Sargassum's importance to pelagic
fisheries is talked about along the waterfront by charter fishing captains,
if there is a healthy abundance of Sargassum floating along in large
patches then the fishing is good and if they can't find Sargassum their
fishing is not as productive.

Does anyone know if these anecdotal observations have been economically
documented in the scientific literature?  I would appreciate any scientific
references or names of PIs who have extensively worked with the biological
or economic importance of Sargassum.  With Regards, Billy

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