[Coral-List] Datasonde Deployment

Roxanna Miller roxanna.myers at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 02:26:34 EDT 2013

Hafa adai from Guam!

I work with the Guam long-term coral reef monitoring program and we are
hoping to deploy a YSI datasonde for unattended monitoring.  Our model is
the 6920V2 and we intend on collecting data on pH, turbidity, DO,
conductivity, temperature, and depth.  We are looking for any advice on
ways to deploy this datasonde (i.e. how to fix it it to the substrate),
especially how to protect the datasonde from coming loose, or getting
stolen, while deployed.  Also, if anyone has used this datasonde in the
past and has any idea how long it can be left unattended in a tropical
marine environment, this information would be greatly appreciated.  Please
feel free to contact me at roxanna.miller at bsp.guam.gov.  Thank you for any
information you can provide!

Roxanna Miller

Roxanna L. Miller
Hagatna, Guam 96932
Work: 671.475.4468
Cell: 671.787.3759

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