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Dear Coral List,
While we can't declare victory over eliminating waste water problems in the
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, as a member of the Sanctuary's
Water Quality Protection Program's Water Quality Steering Committee, I can
report that over 80% of the site disposal systems such as septic tanks and
cess pits have been eliminated in the Florida Keys.  These waster water
units are now on Centralized sewage systems up and down the Keys with
advanced waste water treatment.  The remaining area unconnected is in the
Lower Keys and the County, State and other officials are working hard to
fund that next step of eliminating waste water.  Storm water run-off has
been addressed along the way, but again ...more work remains.

Some of our focus is shifting to  canal water problems, improving the water
flows through our 124 miles plus of residential canals and eliminating the
accumulation of floating seagrass leaves and other organic and inorganic
debris in dead-end canals.  The County and Cities are taking this challenge
very seriously.  The FKNMS Water Quality Steering Committee raised this
next water quality challenge and has been focusing time, energy and funds
to resolve the problems.  Monroe County and the State of Florida DEP have
been leading the efforts.

One of our greatest challenges continues to be an ever-increasing
recreational boating community and the resulting damage to seagrasses and
other benthic habitats.  Like water quality, this is a never-ending problem
that has to be addressed.

Just an update....  Billy Causey

On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 2:14 PM, Arrecifes de coral
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> Dear Rudy,I certainly agree with you that Decision Makers should pay more
> attention to untreated sewage or wastewater reaching coral reefs and
> causing diseases, the Florida Keys is only one of the many cases.
> Furthermore, it is also time to start to question why civilized people as
> We all humans are still use potable water to flush our toilets while the
> ecological, social and economic value of such relevant natural resource is
> rising up and more people in the world are in need of such a valuable
> scarce resource.Nohora Galvishttp://
> www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocjiEG2eK3wFundacion ICRI Colombia in Pro of
> Coral Reefshttp://icri-colombia.blogspot.com/http://icri-colombia.es.tl/
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> > In response to Gene's post, which he is correct BTW, but we do know that
> the disease that has nearly wiped out elkhorn coral in the Florida Keys and
> the bacterium associated with the disease is the same bacterium found in
> the human intestinal tract.  Serratia marcescens was determined to be the
> source and a coral snail the vector, transmitting it from coral to coral.
>  What are we going to do, dig up every septic tank in the keys?  Not
> likely, see
> > www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › Journal List › PLoS One › v.6(8); 2011
> > we know this, is there anything being done?  when are all the keys going
> to have advanced waste water treatment?  whats the problem, economics,
> politics, is there a social science involvement?  Should homeowners care
> enough to get their leaking septic systems repaired?  you tell me!
> >
> > Rudy S Bonn
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