[Coral-List] The 8th International Conference on Coelenterate Biology (ICCB 8)- Newsletter

Oren Levy Oren.Levy at biu.ac.il
Thu Apr 11 01:12:42 EDT 2013

Dear Coral-list,
The 8th International Conference on Coelenterate Biology (ICCB 8) will award a special reduction
of US $165 off the registration fee to 15 qualifying and selected (non-Israeli) MSc or PhD students
of accepted abstracts for oral presentation or poster presentation at the Conference.
To be eligible, you must:
Be a senior author who will present the accepted abstract at the ICCB8.

Have completed your registration prior 25 August 2013 (ICCB8 will refund 50% from the payment).

Provide a written request for support to the Conference Chair, stating that your presentation will
  significant value to the conference.

Submit a letter of recommendation from your advisor or department head.

Submit authorization of your student status, with indication of the level of your studies.

Approval will be announced on 25 September 2013

All required documents, including approval for payment needs to be sent to the conference secretariat
no later than 25 August 2013 at: iccb at iccb2013.com<mailto:iccb at iccb2013.com>


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