[Coral-List] MPAs - Progress towards global ocean protection

Mark Spalding mark at mdspalding.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 13:59:50 EDT 2013

New study reviews progress towards global ocean protection goals in light of
new requirements by Aichi Target 11

The assessment, "Protecting Marine Spaces: Global Targets and Changing
Approaches" has just been published in Ocean Yearbook, Vol. 27, by
scientists at The Nature Conservancy and the UNEP World Conservation
Monitoring Centre, demonstrates that we may well be on target for reaching
the 10% coverage goal set for 2020 by the CBD. However, the authors suggest
we are not set to address the new requirements of the revised Aichi targets,
in particular to protect many of the ecosystem services that growing
coastal-populations require.  For addition views from the authors and a copy
of the study:

or if you just want to go straight to the study it's here: 


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