[Coral-List] Vulnerability of reef fishes_new paper published -- Floeter lab

Daniele Vila Nova da_vilanova at yahoo.com.br
Tue Apr 16 16:04:15 EDT 2013

A combination of biological traits and threats can be used to predict the vulnerability of reef fishes to extinction and facilitate species conservation status assessments


Bender, M. G., Floeter, S. R., Mayer, F., Vila-Nova, D.
              A., Longo, G. O., Hanazaki, N., Carvalho-Filho, A. &
              Ferreira, C. E. L. 2013. Biological 
attributes and major threats as predictors of the
              vulnerability of species: a case study with Brazilian reef
              fishes. Oryx – The International 
Journal of Conservation, 47: 259–265. 


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