[Coral-List] Photos for erosion control manual

Shannon Gore sd_gore at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 18 14:37:21 EDT 2013

 Dear listers-

I am currently completing a best management practices manual to reduce island erosion in the British Virgin Islands. It is generally non-technical, heavily illustrated and provides reasoning how developing the "correct way" can be cheaper and without destroying the surrounding environment. However, I am having a hard time finding a few specific photos I still need with a high resolution (250+dpi). I have been through NOAA & SeaWeb's photo libraries but still need photos that illustrate (1) removal of seagrass beds (for resort / private beaches) that illustrate high turbidity or beach erosion (2) coastal protection / stabilization on small reef platform islands (such as the Maldives) - to illustrate once you start "stabilizing the beach", you can't stop until the entire island is surrounded by man-made structures (3) any kind of beach stabilization that has failed immediatly adjacent to a beach that was left alone and still exists (4) some kind of
 photo that illustrates how 19th century land development has altered nearshore habitats such as from sandy beach to mud-flats (such as in Australia - Wolanski & Duke 2002) (5) before and after photos on small islands that illustrate pristine to destroyed coastal environments - I have numerous "bad practice" photos but some are too obvious as to which local development is in the photo and I don't want to target any one "bad developer" for this particular publication.  

I know some of these photos may not even exist but if anyone has photos they are willing to share, please contact me. I will provide you full credit in the manual. This manual is going to be a free publication that was funded by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office and several local companies.
Many thanks!

Shannon Gore, PhD
BVI Conservation & Fisheries Department

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