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Has anyone really done an objective comparison of the threat posed by
lionfish to other stressors that we all agree are important?  I don't study
lionfish in any detail, but for what it's worth, my sense from the
literature and gut contents leaves me with little doubt that they are
likely to have a huge negative effect on local fish populations in parts of
the Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 9:37 AM, Steve Mussman <sealab at earthlink.net> wrote:

>    Thanks to all who replied to the lion fish question both on and off
> list.
>    The information provided proved to be interesting and thought
> provoking. I
>    never  doubted the fact that this invasive species is problematic, but
>    concerns remain relating to several key points.
>    As one respondent put it, could we be guilty of attributing causation
> (of
>    a broader problem) to a temporal correlation? Is the proliferation of
> this
>    invasion being enhanced and exacerbated by preconditions that we prefer
> to
>    treat with comparative indifference? Why is it that we are reacting so
>    aggressively to this scourge on our reefs while continuing to ignore
> what
>    the ICRS has identified as undeniably a greater threat?  Are the
> reactions
>    that are unfolding in any way solutional?
>    These are the questions that continue to reverberate with me.
>     Regards,
>     Steve
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