[Coral-List] Coral Reefs of the World bookseries

Bernhard Riegl rieglb at nova.edu
Wed Apr 24 12:41:11 EDT 2013

Dear listers,


We would like to draw your attention to new additions and forthcoming issues
of the bookseries "Coral Reefs of the World". The series, produced by
Springer, was launched at the 11th ICRS at Ft. Lauderdale with "Coral Reefs
of the USA" and aims to provide up-to-date reviews of the knowledge
pertaining to the world's coral reefs.


The following issues exist:


-          Coral Reefs of the USA (editors Riegl B, Dodge RE)

-          The Great Barrier Reef (editors Hutchings P, Kingsford M,
Hoegh-Guldberg O)

-          Coral Reefs of the (Arabian/Persian) Gulf - Adaptation to
climatic extremes (editors Riegl B, Purkis S)

-          Coral Reefs of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories (editor
Sheppard CRC)


-          At present, three further issues are in production. They will be
announced when finished.


All volumes are available in paper as well as e-books, and institutions with
subscriptions to Springer journals usually have access to the contents
electronically. The link is: http://www.springer.com/series/7539


We welcome inquiries and discussions about potential further issues, with
either geographical or topical emphasis.



Bernhard Riegl, Richard Dodge (series editors)


Bernhard Riegl

Professor and assoc. Director

National Coral Reef Institute

Nova Southeastern University

8000 N Ocean Drive, Dania, FL 33004

954-262 3671; Fax: 954-262 4098


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