[Coral-List] Broward County is advertising the following position – Natural Resource Specialist II – BPN 06350

Fisher, Louis LFISHER at broward.org
Thu Apr 25 13:17:25 EDT 2013

Broward County is advertising the following position – Natural Resource Specialist II – BPN 06350

The position closes on May 10, 2013 and a brief description follows:

Work involves managing the sea turtle conservation program, natural resource protection activities related to marine ecosystem protection and restoration; beach erosion mitigation; coral reef monitoring and studies; scientific study design, implementation, analysis, and reporting; spatial analysis (via GIS) of underwater landscape data; preparing technical documents and editing/reviewing works by others; underwater scientific field work (via SCUBA); environmental permitting or permit compliance; acting as liaison with other government agencies and environmental groups; document review and administration of the funding aspects of the beach management program; preparing grant proposals and administering grant contracts; and document review related to the beach and public outreach. Candidates possessing relevant graduate degrees and advanced knowledge/training in GIS are preferred. Additionally, recent experience in scientific SCUBA diving operations, including advanced certification, and experience in sea turtle conservation and protected species management are desirable. All education, experience and certifications must be documented on resume. Please provide telephone number on resume.

The full listing can be found at www.broward.org/careers<http://www.broward..org/careers>

Lou Fisher
Natural Resource Specialist III
Marine Section
Natural Resources Planning and Management Division
Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department
115 South Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
954-519-1255; 954-519-1496 fax
lfisher at broward.org


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