[Coral-List] Request for Photo [apologies for cross-postings]

Jon Corsiglia - NOAA Affiliate jon.corsiglia at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 26 11:17:47 EDT 2013

Hello colleagues and photographers,

The NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center (Virginia Key, FL) is replacing
an old tattered photo mural on our second floor. The space is 8.5 ft by 12
ft and we are reaching out to amateur and professional photographers to
request the donation of an image for the mural.

We would like to invite you to donate an iconic image of a South
Florida/Caribbean reef scene, preferably a wide angle horizontal format of
high relief reef structure with an assemblage of fish.

An impartial review panel will make the selection here at the SEFSC. Please
make sure your name and copyright is in the file name or metadata but not
on the image so as not to bias the panel. A JPEG file optimized for viewing
on a computer screen is all we require. I will prepare the presentation but
not participate in the voting.

The image selected will be professionally installed by Associated Photo and
Imaging in Miami (http://www.apimaging.com/) with the photographer's name
prominently visible on a plaque. We will provide the selected photographer
with contact information for Associated Photo so your high resolution CMKY
file is directly transmitted to them. The SEFSC will not have access to the
file. NOAA asks the winning photographer to sign a copyright license
granting the Department permission to use the photo in our building. Please
see the attachment.

The mural will be the backdrop for pictures of VIP's and guests visiting
the SEFSC. The first picture taken of the mural will hopefully be with the
photographer for the unveiling.

Please help us beautify our wall with your generous donation. Email your
submission to jack.javech at noaa.gov and feel free to pass this invitation
along to any photographers you wish. We would like to receive all
submissions by May 15, 2013 for consideration.

Thank you and good luck!


Jack Javech
Scientific Illustrator
Unit Diving Supervisor
75 Virginia Beach Drive
Miami, FL 33149

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