[Coral-List] Endorsement of statement about port development along the Great Barrier Reef

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Dear Coral-list

Please see email, below, from Peter Mumby to the Australian Coral Reef Society that may be of broader interest.


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Dear ACRS member,

As you know, there's been a lot of media about the impact of coastal
developments, especially ports, along the GBR coastline.   The Thomas
Foundation has scrutinised the issue and was wondering whether the
scientific community might have a view on the situation.  They funded Dr
Leanne Fernandes (via WWF-Australia) to work with some key scientists to
determine if there was a consensus view from the scientific point of view.

A few of us co-authored the a scientific statement which has been endorsed by
the ACRS Council and the ISRS Council.  It is available at: www.earth2ocean.com

If you agree with that statement, it would be great if you could sign-on at
www.earth2ocean.com or send an email with your name and affiliation to
Leanne:  leannef at earth2ocean.com   and she will add you to the list of

Please do forward onto interested colleagues in your department/

The statement will, ultimately, be released to the public, media, NGOs and
made available to decision-makers who can influence the future of the Great
Barrier Reef.

With best wishes, 


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