[Coral-List] Unidentified marine algae

Emma Gibbons gibbons.e.l at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 05:01:10 EDT 2013

Dear Coral-listers

Regarding; unidentified marine algae

Pilot study of marine turtle C.mydas stomach content analysis in
south-west Madagascar turned up unidentified algae; thallus not
present and unsure of the actual structure of the algae.

Identification highlights:
   Blades are subspherical and semi-succulent
   Proliferation on blade (maybe even trifurcate in 4th photo)
   Rufous colouration on blade
   Distinct narrow bands on blade

Photos available through plus google link below (photos taken using
10x macro lense) max length of blade 2cm


Thank you for your help

Emma Gibbons
FANO (marine turtle) project

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