[Coral-List] Special Issue on Corals and Coral Reefs of the Persian/Arabian Gulf

John Burt john.burt at nyu.edu
Fri Aug 2 19:05:01 EDT 2013


A Special Issue of Marine Pollution Bulletin was recently published titled
 "Coral Reefs of the Gulf: Past, Present, and Future of a Unique Ecosystem"
 (Vol. 72, Issue 2).

This issue includes 12 articles summarizing recent research on corals and
reef communities in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, including studies on the
biology of corals and reef fish in the extreme thermal environment of the
Gulf, natural and anthropogenic pressures affecting reef communities in the
area, and regional reef conservation and management. The issue opens with
an article examining the historic growth of reef science in the Gulf and
closes with an article assessing the critical areas for future reef
research in the region.

The table of contents for this special issue can be found below, or can be
accessed directly at:

John Burt
New York University-Abu Dhabi

Individual Articles:

John A. Burt,
The growth of coral reef science in the Gulf: A historical perspective,

Andrew G. Bauman, et al.,
Multiple environmental factors influence the spatial distribution and
structure of reef communities in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula,

Ben Hume,et al.,
Corals from the Persian/Arabian Gulf as models for thermotolerant
reef-builders: Prevalence of clade C3 Symbiodinium, host fluorescence and
ex situ temperature tolerance,

Steve L. Coles, Bernhard M. Riegl,
Thermal tolerances of reef corals in the Gulf: A review of the potential
for increasing coral survival and adaptation to climate change through
assisted translocation,

Morgan S. Pratchett,et al.,
Functional composition of Chaetodon butterflyfishes at a peripheral and
extreme coral reef location, the Persian Gulf,

John A. Burt, et al.,
Urban breakwaters as reef fish habitat in the Persian Gulf,

David A. Jones, Manickam Nithyanandan,
Recruitment of marine biota onto hard and soft artificially created
subtidal habitats in Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, Kuwait,

John A. Burt, et al.,
The continuing decline of coral reefs in Bahrain,

Lulwa M. Al-Dahash, Huda M. Mahmoud,
Harboring oil-degrading bacteria: A potential mechanism of adaptation and
survival in corals inhabiting oil-contaminated reefs,

William Gladstone, et al.,
Environmental impacts of tourism in the Gulf and the Red Sea,

Hanneke Van Lavieren, Rebecca Klaus,
An effective regional Marine Protected Area network for the ROPME Sea Area:
Unrealistic vision or realistic possibility?,

David A. Feary, et al.,
Critical research needs for identifying future changes in Gulf coral reef

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