[Coral-List] Reef management and restoration internships

Jesus Munoz Serrano jesusmunozserrano at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 12:40:29 EDT 2013

Hello there listers,

I am a BSc environmental sciences graduate who is starting now a MSc Nature Management program in the University of Copenhagen. I'm really interested in marine ecosystems management and MPA's in general and I would love to work in reef restoration/reef management. I've been looking through the Internet for organisations that work in this areas in which I could do an internship next summer. Sadly all of them looks quite difficult to get in because I'd have to pay for accommodation plus food during the program (which is kind of a big sum for a student if putting the costs of flights on top of that). I was wondering if anybody here could provide me with some information about internships in which the organisation provide accommodation and board (or at least accommodation). However, I'd like to know about any other good internship program even if the organisation doesn't provide anything at all, so I can ponder if I'll be able to afford it!!! (Sorry, I don't know if this thread is appropriate for the list; forgive me in the case that is not, please).

Thanks a lot!!!!!

Kind regards,

Jesus Munoz Serrano
jesusmunozserrano at gmail.com

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