[Coral-List] Diver Distance from Reef

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 5 16:22:12 EDT 2013

   There seems to be a general agreement that recreational scuba divers are and
   should be among the leading
   advocates for coral reef conservation efforts world-wide. Why then should we
   accept the abdication of that
   same ethical responsibility by the leaders of the scuba diving industry as a
   Is it really asking too much to expect the organization that represents
   equipment manufacturers,
   certification   agencies,   resorts  and  dive  shops  to  reject  the
   political/economic pressure and accept
   what the science is telling us about the impending impacts of both local and
   global forcings contributing
   to coral reef degradation?
   Is the ICRS consensus statement so outlandish and extreme that we should
   accept its rejection as justifiable?
   Land-based sources of pollution, sedimentation, over-fishing and climate
   change are clearly the major threats
   to coral reefs and all are likely to increase in severity in the years to
   Imposing higher standards regarding buoyancy control and implementing basic
   coral reef ecology into diving courses
   shouldnât be considered a radical step. Nor should a public acknowledgment
   that climate change is real and that we
   should all begin to work together to do something about it.

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