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Hi Mark and Joe, 
I worked at the Caribbean Marine Research Center from 2002-2004 and dived extensively in the Exumas. Although sharks were occasionally seen on dives, Danger Reef was a sure thing for shark sightings and always my favorite dive (despite the poor condition of the reef itself). Danger Reef used to be on the itinerary of one of the Bahamian live aboard boats; not sure if that still holds true. 
The video was nostalgic!


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Hi Joseph,

Have you been working in the Exumas for some time? I ask because I lived there in 1988 and 89 and back then, shark encounters wouldn't make the news. Sharks were very common - to the point that spearfishing could be risky, as sharks were encountered on many dives, if not most. I guess that is no longer true?

Also, as late as 2000, sharks were almost guaranteed when diving channels and drop offs  around South Caicos in the TCI. Not sure if that is still true 13 years later...

Mark Tupper

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> Hi Listers,
> In keeping with Discovery Channel's "Shark week" (minus the Megalodon hoax), check out this video of reef sharks from a site within the Exuma Land and Sea Park in the Bahamas.  We rarely see sharks while diving on reefs in the Caribbean, and then usually only as fleeting glimpses in the distance.  But at both visits to this site, a few small reef sharks slowly circled the divers.  I suspect that other dive groups feed these sharks (we do not).
> http://youtu.be/MzrWACzMFZ8
> Regards,
> Joe
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