[Coral-List] Two articles and a blog post on Shark Week: Feedback requested

David Shiffman david.shiffman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 10:23:12 EDT 2013

Hello, everyone!

Shark Week 2013, despite some troubling content, was a great opportunity to
get actual facts out there due to increased public interest in sharks. In
addition to numerous interviews, I was asked to write about my perspectives
on Shark Week for Wired and Zocalo Public Square. I'd really appreciate
feedback on these, as well as feedback on a summary blog post on Southern
Fried Science, from the shark science and conservation community and the
science communication community. This feedback would probably be best
either through a private e-mail (no need to pester the entire listserv more
than I already have, unless you have a broader point to make that would be
of general interest)  or a comment on the actual article.

Zocalo Public Square article (my thoughts on Shark Week in general,
including my outreach strategy)

Wired article (my reviews of the specific Shark Week 2013 specials):

Blog post: "A Shark Week 2013 retrospective...with memes" (Using internet
memes to look back at Shark Week 2013).

Thank you for your time and feedback, and for all the support!



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