[Coral-List] Looking for sound advice.

Thor Jensen twjensen85 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 08:46:20 EDT 2013


I'm reaching out to my fellow coral enthusiasts for a bit of help. I have my B.S. in marine biology and have been managing large marine life support systems in aquarium companies for two years. While I enjoy my job which allows me to work with corals and inverts on a daily basis, I'm extremely eager to get into the research field. I have been applying to countless research positions, getting interviews, and then am told that although I was extremely qualified and had a great interview, they chose someone else. At this point I have been asking for any feedback or criticism and no one is telling me what I need to do to give myself a leg up. I've also been applying to grad schools and haven't been accepted on account of my lack of professional research experience. This catch 22 is extremely aggravating. At this stage of the game I'm doing all that I can think of to improve myself as a candidate, furthering my dive certification (currently working towards rescue) and teaching myself Spanish. If there's anything anyone can think of to make me a stronger candidate please don't hesitate to respond. Also please only respond directly to me as to not burden the list with my inquiry. Again any and all help is welcome. 

May your tentacles always be


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