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Mon Aug 26 10:33:36 EDT 2013

Coral Reefers and Microbial Associates,

Now that the registration & abstract submission for the 2014 Ocean
Sciences Meeting in Honolulu are open
(http://www.sgmeet.com/osm2014/default.asp), we'd like to make you aware
of a session on Coral Microbiology. For some season, it doesn't show up
under the tab for Microbiology and Molecular Biology, but does under Coral.
It's both, really!

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 4 Oct 2013 - hope to see many
of you there!

053 - Coral Microbiology: Partners and Pathogens

Reef-building corals are becoming increasingly recognized as symbiomes,
unique organismal ecosystems that are composed of taxonomically diverse,
multi-symbiotic partnerships that occur within the different
microenvironments of the coral. The multi-species partnerships harbored by
corals include but are not limited to animal epibionts (e.g., ciliates,
rotifers), dinoflagellates, fungi, endolithic algae, bacteria, archaea and
viruses. Unfortunately, many of these same microorganisms can cause
diseases, a major cause of coral mortality worldwide. In this session, we
invite papers that enhance our understanding of coral-microbe interactions.
Topics include but are not limited to taxonomic descriptions of coral-
associated microbial communities, identification of functional roles for
microbial symbionts or pathogens, how microbial communities are structured
in relation to the physical coral microenvironments, and application of new
techniques to describe or monitor coral diseases. The session also
encompasses studies that examine the influence of environmental conditions
on the composition and function of either the healthy or diseased coral


Christina Kellogg, U.S. Geological Survey
Amy Apprill , Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Marilyn E. Brandt , University of the Virgin Islands
Ruth Gates , University of Hawaii--


Christina A. Kellogg, Ph.D.

Environmental Microbiologist

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