[Coral-List] Reminder to ISRS members on how to get free on-line access to CORAL REEFS

Rupert Ormond rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 10:33:32 EST 2013

Dear Coral-listers,

Membership subscriptions to ISRS (the International Society for Reef 
Studies) for 2014 will shortly be due.  Besides encouraging present and 
past members to renew at their earliest convenience (which can best be 
done on-line via the society's web-page at www.coralreefs.org), may I 
take the opportunity of reminding members how they can make use of their 
free on-line access to the current and all past editions of the 
society's journal CORAL REEFS.

The instructions for members wishing to access CORAL REEFS are as 
follows: *_

In your internet browser:


Go to the society website: www.coralreefs.org 
<http://www.coralreefs.org>.Then, by clicking at the top on *Membership* 
(third item along) go to the *Membership Page.*

At the bottom under *Membership Services* go to the ISRS Membership 
Services Site by clicking on: https://www.sgmeet.com/isrs/membership/



Alternatively, go directly to *Membership Services* by typing, directly 
into your browser address bar: https://www.sgmeet.com/isrs/membership/



On this page, titled *_ISRS Membership_*, go to the bottom and enter 
your *_email address_* or other _Membership ID_ and *_Password_*, which 
will have been sent to you by email from SGmeet (who handle ISRS 
membership services) when you first paid your membership dues to them.

  Having entered your _Membership ID_ and _Password_, press submit or
  enter, which should take you to a page entitled _Welcome to the
  International Society for Reef Studies Membership Services._

(If you can not remember or find your ISRS password you can search your 
emails for a membership confirmation message from either "ISRS Member 
Services" or from "sgmeet.com". Alternatively if you enter an incorrect 
password, the system will ask you "_did you forget your 
password_?"Clicking on this phrase will take you to a *_Request Password 
Reminder_* page. Here you enter your Membership ID or email address and 
click on Request Reminder, when a reminder email should be sent to you.)



On the page entitled _Welcome to the International Society for Reef 
Studies Membership Services _you can:

1.Access the on-line journal

2.Search the membership directory

3.Renew your existing membership

4.Update your own membership information

5.Change your password

You get access to CORAL REEFS by going down the page to the section 
entitled *_Journal Access_*, where you click on the phrase your 
electronic subscription.

You should then get a blank page with, at the top, "You are about to 
leave the ISRS site. To continue, click the link: 

Clicking on this Springer-link should then takes you to the *_CORAL 
REEFS page_* of the publishers SPRINGER, and show the latest articles in 
the current edition.

In addition by clicking on the link to the right "Browse Volumes & 
Issues" you can access both the other parts of the current edition and 
also all previous volumes.

The process is much simpler than it sounds, but if you have any 
difficulty, then please let me know by email to my address (i.e. NOT to 
the whole list!)
with thanks,

Rupert Ormond,


Corresponding Secretary, International Society for Reef Studies.

Hon. Professor, Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology, 
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Research Professor of Marine Conservation, King Abdul-Aziz University, 
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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