[Coral-List] recreation and non-commercail fishing restrictions and engagement

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You bring up a great point; however, the original question was not about available datasets; it was about managing recreational fisheries. Yes, you are correct that MRFSS is managed by the states through NMFS and it is the largest source of recreational fishing information; however, this is based on information collected through a voluntary program. Currently, there are no requirements for recreational anglers to participate in this survey or any form of survey (face-to-face, mail, or phone) including observer coverage. 
The recreational fishing sector has been difficult to understand in terms of effort, catch, and other metrics since the variability is so large. More importantly, the sample size is so small in comparison to the universe that many quesiton its use and reliability. Despite these issues, the data are widely used for many purposes, including stock assessments.  

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>Hi Nicole, Chris and Listers,
>Perhaps I missed a post or two on this thread, but I'm surprised nobody has
>mentioned the NOAA Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey (MRFSS)
>program and the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP). They comprise
>one of the largest marine recreational fisheries databases available. There are
>tons of data for reef-associated recreational fisheries in Florida and the Gulf
>of Mexico. Data are also available for Hawaii but I haven't queried that
>dataset, so I'm not sure if the information is as comprehensive as the
>Florida/Gulf data.
>The data can be publicly queried online. You can run data queries, download data
>subsets, etc. It might be worth a look. I've found it useful in the past.
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