[Coral-List] zooxanthellae clades

Alejandro tatis serrano tatisserrano87 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 08:32:39 EST 2013

Good afternoon, my name is Alejandro Tatis, i´m a biology undergraduate
student at the University of Magdalena, Santa marta, Colombia. For my
Bachelor thesis I´m working with *Acropora palmata* and *A. cervicornis *
zooxanthellae.* *I have made many PCR using 28S primers especific to
zooxantellae, including 28s2 forward 5’-CCT CAG TAA TGG CGA ATG AAC A-3’
and 28s2 reverse 5’-CCT TGG TCC GTG TTT CAA GA-3’ (Loh et al.,2001) , as
well as the digestión with Taq I restricción enzime. However, I couldn´t
 find any paper that let me interpret the RFLPs bands. I wish to know if
anybody knows any reference or paper, as well as  figures that would allow
me to discriminate zooxantellae clades on the RFLPs bands.

Thanks a lot!

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