[Coral-List] MPA Video

Jones, Michael JonesMS at si.edu
Wed Feb 6 17:58:32 EST 2013


I'd like to direct you to the CCRE program's newest mini-doc, "Protecting Reefs, Protecting Economies." This short video touches on the importance of MPAs in reef conservation, highlights the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve in Belize, and the Smithsonian's activities to establish baseline data on reef communities inside and outside a new no-take zone. The film was produced as a part of our digital media outreach internship and was created by Monika LaPlante.

The video is hosted by YouTube and is currently embedded on the front page of the CCRE website: ccre.si.edu

Please feel free to distribute to anyone you think might find it useful or interesting.

Scott Jones
Program Coordinator, Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems
Smithsonian Marine Station/ Carrie Bow Cay

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