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To the younger people on the list, Bob (R.E.) Johannes published a paper many years ago 'The case for data less management' (? correct title?) May I suggest you find it and take in some wise words of wisdom from one of our most distinguished elder colleagues. 

Clive Wilkinson 

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I recently received a note from a person who has been working for an NGO focused on marine conservation. Their message ended with the following passage, and I secured permission to share it with the list.  
Many of us have experienced similar frustrations. What words of wisdom/ hope might you have that I may pass along? Thanks.

Ben Greenstein

In the midst of this I am left wondering if there is any hope and I am  
extremely frustrated feeling as though I can't make a difference.   
What do you think the best approach is to conservation issues like this?  How do you inspire people to care?  How do we act fast enough when all of our political systems are programmed to make slow, careful decisions...and why do we require DATA to prove what is so obvious to the ordinary observer....that forests, coral reefs, ocean, desert, marshes, wetlands, salt ponds, ice caps, tundras and every ecosystem in this biosphere is in serious need of some tlc.

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