[Coral-List] Call for abstracts for Larval Fish Conference 2013

Trika Gerard - NOAA Federal trika.gerard at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 11 09:19:50 EST 2013

*Call for Abstracts for the 37th Annual Larval Fish Conference*

The 37th Annual Larval Fish Conference, organized by the Rosenstiel School
of Marine & Atmospheric Science of the University of Miami and NOAA’s
Southeast Fisheries Science Center, invites submission of abstracts for its
2013 meeting to be held in Miami from 2 to 6 June, 2013.

The conference will feature eight theme sessions focusing on a broad range
of topics of interest to larval fish scientists worldwide. This is the
second time this annual international meeting has convened in Miami, and
the city’s proximity to the tropics offers a timely opportunity to examine
current research into tropical reef fish as model species in ecology and
management. The conference also will contribute to the discussion of the
effects of ocean acidification and environmental change on the early life
history of fishes. In a third session, we plan to explore aspects of the
reproduction and early life history of highly migratory species such as
tunas, sharks, and billfishes; this session will have particular relevance
to the CLIOTOP (Climate Impacts on Oceanic Top Predators) program. Our
knowledge of predator-prey interactions in the ocean has continued to
expand, thus a fourth session will encompass research on the state of
knowledge on the structure of larval fish food webs. A fifth session will
discuss recent advances in methodology applied to the study of early life
history of fishes. Session six will include presentations focusing on all
aspects of the ecology of larval fishes. Finally, this year NOAA's FATE
(Fisheries and the Environment) program will join the conference with two
sessions: one focused on larval fish related FATE studies and the other
encompassing FATE presentations on other topics.

Abstract submissions will be accepted through 1 April, 2013. Please note
that registration is required for abstract submission.

Early registration ends on April 1, 2013.

To register and submit an abstract, or for additional information about the
conference’s themes, venue, transportation, and your visit to Miami please
refer to the conference website (

Please help us get the word out about the conference to your national or
international network of colleagues and collaborators.

Best regards,

Miami LFC 2013 Steering Committee

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