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   Here is an issue truly replete with irony.

   While we should all be concerned about the impact of the demolition of these
   artificial reefs and the collateral damage it inflicts on resident fish
   populations, the consternation voiced by the oil industry based on distress
   over environmental impact is difficult to take seriously.

   The question is, in this case does it really matter.

    The oil companies would love to be absolved of the liability and expense
   that current regulations require. Sports fishermen, divers and spearfishing
   enthusiasts are also understandably disturbed over the prospect of losing
   many of their highly-valued domains.

    At the same time, these varied affected interests have been conspicuously
   silent in the debate over the  greater threat that climate change presents
   to coral reefs and other marine ecosystems around the world.

   It  would  be  nice  to think that perhaps this issue might present an
   opportunity  to  develop  alliances  that  could coordinate efforts to
   effectively confront these issues into the future.



   For more background on the oil rig issue:



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   2. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/39195347/ns/us_news-environment/

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