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>From our Friend and Partner in Cairns, Australia....Andy Lewis, Ph.D out of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Some links to some of his other Marine Images are farther down the page. Very talented young guy and any time you want to do a Field Course using Lizard Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and Andy's outstanding Australian Guides on the Mainland....please feel free to contact me.

Also, some video taken from Papua New Guinea with a Canon 5d Mk2 35 mm camera at the bottom.

Thank you and apologies for the cross-posting.

Mike Nolan....see below

Link: Coral Reefs: Too Precious to Lose also here....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwHcwpcGaM8&feature=youtu.be

I have been collecting underwater reef panorama images at various locations around the Indo-Pacific for several years now, using software to merge four or five individual shots into a large mosaic which gives a good impression of the reef structure and coral community.

Discussions with well known WA landscape artist and friend Larry Mitchell sparked the desire to use the power of the images to raise awareness about the plight of coral reefs, not just in terms of how much has already been lost, but also in terms of how much good quality reef still exists and warrants protection, particularly from environmental changes associated with climate disruption. 

The sequence also forms a permanent record of how these reefs looked at a particular place and time, you will see the date and GPS coordinates under each image. Marine biologists will further enjoy examining spatial variations in community structure and coral cover using the image sequence.

I hope to be able to exhibit the works in their full detail at some point in the near future, and perhaps offer a book as well. In the interim, this short video illustrates the concept. Please view in 720 HD for best image quality, and please circulate among your networks as you see fit.

I will of course be adding more to the collection this year!

best wishes

Dr Andy Lewis, Ph.D.







Australia Stock Photos


Papua New Guinea: http://vimeo.com/7937756 Papua New Guinea


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