[Coral-List] Strange algae reported by divers

Bastiaan Vermonden bastiaan.vermonden at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 13:57:44 EST 2013

Dear Coral-listers

I just came across this question in a linkedin discussion group and thought
I could pose the question here:

*Need help identifying this strange black algae looking species growing on
corals in the Philippines. *

This picture was sent to myself as the regional Coordinator of Green fins.
We often get our members sending in strange e-mails but this one has really
got us stuck. It is very fast growing and resembles a smothering blanket
that is covering coral reefs in the Philippines. It is starting to concern
many divers who are seeing more and more of it specifically in the Moalboal
region of Cebu.
Maybe someone from the coral list is familiar with this phenomena?


Bastiaan Vermonden

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