[Coral-List] Majuro video

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 03:01:39 EST 2013

I have posted a new GoPro video of the coral dredging at:
Its only 16 min, but if you want to jump ahead to the borrow pit, go to 12:00.  You can hear me coughing on SCUBA (I recently had a cold, so much for my "stealth" approach to the dredge site!).  Hope you like it!  (My lousy MS editing program would not do HD, the original is very sharp)  Suggested responses and instructions offered with the video.
So, yes the dredging continues, and now PII is applying for a permit to continue mining this entire 500m reef for profit, after they have all the fill they are contracted to provide for the FAA RSA project (which they almost have already, without mining much of the site).  The camel's nose got under the tent, and there may be no stopping it.
I think the video speaks for itself.  Where is the USCRTF when you need it?

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