[Coral-List] Satellite imagery showing coral reef destruction in South China Sea

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Here is a paper from a couple of years ago on the Spratly Island ecological

McManus JW, Shao K-T, Lin SY (2010) Toward establishing a Spratly Islands
International Marine Peace Park: ecological importance and supportive
collaborative activities with an emphasis on the role of Taiwan. Ocean
Development and International Law 41:270-280.

I would be interested in hearing from whoever identified the coral damage
associated with the satellite photos. 



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Dear Coral Listers: I just wanted to get the word out about a disturbing
practice I just learned about. The Spratly Islands in the South China Sea
consist of hundreds of coral atolls that are part of a territorial dispute
between the surrounding countries. This article by the Asia Pacific Defense
Forum (a US Department of Defense publication) includes detailed satellite
imagery showing coral reef destruction in the Spratlys, apparently by giant
clam collection:

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