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All excellent points. Thanks. It strikes me that, whatever legal control US
agencies might have in the murkiness of a "free association", they DO
control the purse strings if this is, as represented on the web (a
non-impeachable source), funded by them.


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> **
>  Good point, Alina. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a member of
> the US Coral Reef Task Force as a Freely Associated State (along with Palau
> and the FSM). However, what isn't clear is whether or not the Executive
> Order of 1998 or the Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2000 are enforceable in
> the RMI. The mandate of the Coral Reef Conservation Act does appear to
> apply to the RMI, but consists mainly of technical assistance and funding,
> rather than enforcement measures. The Executive Order's international
> mandate seems to be directed at the trade in live or dead corals for the
> aquarium/curio industries.
>  The US government organizations that do have enforcement mandates related
> to coral reefs include the Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, and
> perhaps most importantly, the EPA. Again, I am not sure of their ability to
> act in the Freely Associated States, although they certainly have
> management and enforcement roles in Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, CNMI
> and USVI.
>  I don't see this as a national security issue, since according to Dean,
> the runway could be constructed with fill from other locations that would
> not require reef mining. But speaking of national security, I note that
> both the US Dept. of Defense and the Dept. of Homeland Security are members
> of the Coral Reef Task Force.
>  Perhaps somebody from NOAA could give us a better idea of what (if any)
> environmental regulations could actually be enforced by the US government
> in the Marshall Islands, or whether any political pressure could be applied
> to prevent unnecessary coral destruction. Being Canadian, my knowledge of
> US laws and politics is limited.
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