[Coral-List] "A Glimmer of Hope for Coral Reefs"

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   The  front  page of today's Atlanta newspaper contained an encouraging
   headline proclaiming that Georgia Power will shut down 15 coal and oil-fired
   units in order to comply with federal rules aimed at reducing air pollution.
   A glimmer of hope?    Not so fast.
   Even after these 15 facilities are taken offline Georgia Power will still
   operate more than 8,000 megawatts of coal-fueled generating units including
   Plant Scherer â the number one producer of greenhouse gases in the country.
   In addition, GP is still pushing for the development of a new plant which is
   expected to use between 3.65 and 4.27 million tons of coal per year and emit
   more than a thousand tons of hazardous particulate matter annually. The
   utility  company  promotes  the  development  of the new coal plant by
   emphasizing the economic benefits:
     * Almost 1600 construction jobs
     * Over 44,000 person months of construction work
     * Almost double the countyâs tax base
     * Create over 120 new full-time direct jobs
     * Create over $7 million in new wages and benefits
     * Create over 200 new spin off jobs in the Washington County area
     * Require $1 to $4 million in long term support services
     * Generate up to $1 million in new business growth
     * Become a catalyst for new industry.

   So all we have to do to save the reefs and perhaps ourselves is to convince
   governments, industries and the general public to shift their priorities
   from  immediate  economic  interests to the seemingly highly contested
   proposition that the long-term threats posed by anthropogenic climate change
   should be the greater concern.
   While trying to remain optimistic, I find myself relating more and more to
   Mike's characterization of a passenger on the Titanic.
   Please don't give up, just recognize that we have lots to do before we can
   say that we've sighted our version of the Carpathia on the horizon.
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   >Article in today's business section of our newspaper: investment in clean
   energy sources is down this past year. Some businesses have failed. Venture
   capitalists don't want to take the risk. Government subsidies are down. I
   don't see much glimmer out there....
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   >Hi Doug.
   >Some of the recent postings put me in mind of passengers on the Titanic
   saying to each other, "It's OK, the Carpathian will pick us up."
   >Rather than see so much excellent work devoted to finding corals that can
   survive hot oceans, or dredging remnants up from deep reefs to fill the
   gaps, I would rather see more effort given to trying to initiate change in
   those  governments and industries that have put reefs on their present
   downward trajectory. And the cynic in me thinks that some of those same
   governments and industries are delighted to see us clutching at straws.
   >On 2013-01-07, at 4:00 PM, Douglas Fenner wrote:
   >> Research by Standford University researchers on coral tolerance for
   >> high temperatures in some reef pools in American Samoa, just
   >> published.. Popular article in "Science Now" (open access) with a link to
   the original paper:
   >> http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2013/01/a-glimmer-of-hope-for-co
   >> ral-reef.html
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