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I think the secret to success is probably to make yourself invaluable to the communities you are trying to work with - help them with their daily battles and they might help you with yours.  I work with a local fishing community and over the years I've helped them fight developers (by critiquing EIAs for them), embedded graduate students with them (who then "go native"!) an helped them represent themselves.  I can now go to the harbour and if I need help they will give it.  It has taken me 10 years though and hard earned trust can be lost in seconds. There are no short cuts.

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Ah, this article by Chapin is still so valid nowadays, although increasingly federated networks of NGOs are replacing individual NGOs.

Though the shape of things to come is: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/Post2015HLP.

Communications are now seen as a collective effort reached on the basis of consensus shaped common objectives.

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Katherine -
When I've been in such situations... in small communities... my reaction is to go to the mayors office, such that he either calls the meeting or "approves" of it...  or I go to some other "high-ranking" official in the community who then gets the "OK".... buy-in into your project is very important... I've found this to work (over the years) in the Dominican Repubilic, in Madagasgar, and to a certain extent in middle eastern countries.... but also, a day or so ago Magnus Johnson reminded us of "Chapins thought provoking article: http://www.worldwatch.org/node/565".... read this article... and then keep trynig.
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Subject: [Coral-List] Effective communications tools?
I work with a small eNGO that operates in the Caribbean. One of the major challenges I am currently facing is the development of effective outreach and education campaigns to support our various projects. These projects generally deal with coastal resource management issues (fishing, coastal development… the usual for a small Caribbean Island). I am hoping that there are some of you out there who have recommendations of particularly effective communications tools that have been successful in community outreach efforts.

I am not sure that our pamphlets and other papers are very well received by fisherfolk, and community meetings are often expensive and poorly attended.
We are starting to try out hand at videos/documentaries.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at kmclean at lakeheadu.ca.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Katie McLean
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