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Hi Mike and List,

One thing I have often heard from reef aquarium hobbyists is that they sometimes
remove live rock from their tanks and boil it to kill off any unwanted organisms
that might compete with the coral species they plan on stocking. Several people
have posted warnings on reef aquarium blogs to be very careful when boiling live
rock containing zooanthids, because the fumes are highly toxic and "someone
almost died" from inhaling the fumes. The fact the person who almost died was
always nameless and referred to in the singular led me to believe this was just
an urban legend, but perhaps someone with more reef aquarium experience than I
would know better.


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On January 11, 2013 at 7:43 AM "J. Michael Nolan" <mnolan at rainforestandreef..org>
> List Members...
> A Biology Educator from NY State the following to me yesterday...."A man on
> Long Island was just released from the hospital where he was in critical
> day-to-day condition after having inhaled toxic venom fumes from coral in his
> saltwater fishtank. There was a full description of his respiratory distress,
> but I don't remember those details. This is now 3 weeks later, and he has just
> come off oxygen."
> I looked on the web and could not find any References to it, she said there
> were many links to the situation.
> Can any of the Coral Experts on the list tell me more? Please e-mail me
> off-list and I will be pleased to summarize. I know a bit about Coral Biology,
> but nothing like this.
> Thank you and have a great Friday.
> Mike Nolan
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