[Coral-List] Sustainable Planet modelling including thresholds, baselines and resilience

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Dear Milton,
I can suggest two institutes:
The Post Carbon Institute
and the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy
I don't know how far they are in the type of modeling efforts you are interested in but I think you could benefit from each other work.

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Subject: [Coral-List] Sustainable Planet modelling including thresholds, baselines and resilience
Our organization is preparing a vast research project into new modelling paradigms for sustainability where a departure is made from human beings as economic agents to come up with a planetary model which includes thresholds, baselines and resilience as key ingredients.

We are very much interested in reference literature addressing modelling of large ecosystems using thresholds, baselines and resilience and possibly also strange attractors, chaos and fractal theories.

We are also interested in reference literature for large marine ecosystems, planetary climate (change) and ocean conveyor belt modelling.

The TED talk by Pauly about baselines has pointed out a theoretical flaw in current economic models, which plays into the hands of reluctant political leaders to commit to e.g. reductions in emissions.

We are also very much interested in obtaining names of key institutes around the world engaged in similar activities.

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