[Coral-List] We need your opinion and suggestion​s regarding use and design of SRV

Eneour PUILL-STEPHAN eneour at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 16 04:57:02 EST 2013

Coral List,
Over the past 4 years I have been
developing a project to build and run a Sustainable Research Vessel for
scientific research (more details on: www.SustainableResearchVessel.com). I am
writing you this email to consult your expertise in running and
performing scientific expeditions and field trips on a live-aboard Research
Vessel. Below is a brief summary of the Sustainable Research Vessel (SRV)
The objectives of SRV are to promote
sustainable scientific research while respecting the environment. We aim to do
this through the construction of a SRV, and the completion of scientific
missions all around the world on the SRV.
              The SRV aims to be an
efficient research vessel, enabling researchers to explore and study pristine
and diverse ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs), while minimizing their carbon
footprint and having little impact on explored areas.We plan to
achieve this by equipping the vessel with the latest technology available in
renewable and clean energies, and waste management. In addition, the vessel will
be built with as much sustainable materials as possible.
The vessel will be a large sailing
catamaran (30-35m long), able to cruise under sail at speeds of up to 25 knots
and 10-15 knots powered engines. The vessel could accommodate up to 15 guests,
could access very shallow areas and even be beached, and will have at least 2
tenders. SRV will most likely target tropical destinations and perform
biological and ecological research (most likely no oceanography as the SRV will
be powered by sails).
Recently two boat architects joined
the SRV project. To assist with boat designs, we need to define clear
guidelines for the SRV. For example, the type of missions, duration of trips,
number of scientists on board, type of instruments and equipment needed on
board (for sampling and storage), and possible destinations. You can help by
providing an overview of the general needs of marine scientists, and how you
think you can utilize the SRV for your research needs.We would like to know
about the types of field trips you foresee using the vessel for, the
destinations and ecosystems you wish to study, the equipment and instruments
you required (including lab space), and how many people  you would like the SRV to accommodate.
            Your help
and suggestions on this matter will be much appreciated, and I look forward to
hearing from you. Please send an email to: SustainableResearchVessel at gmail.com
you for your help and support.
the Sustainable Research Vessel team

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