[Coral-List] Phylogeography and genetic structure of the Pacific species of the crown-of-thorns starfish

Gert Woerheide woerheide at lmu.de
Sun Jan 20 05:58:34 EST 2013

Dear colleagues,
our third paper on the genetic structure and phylogeography of
thecrown-of-thorns starfish (this time on the Pacific species) has just
been published online first in Coral Reefs:

Vogler, C., Benzie, J.A.H., Tenggardjaja, K., Ambariyanto, Barber, P.H.,
Wörheide, G., 2013. Phylogeography of the crown-of-thorns starfish:
genetic structure within the Pacific species. Coral Reefs, online first.

You might also be interested in the other two:

Vogler, C., Benzie, J., Barber, P.H., Erdmann, M.V., Ambariyanto,
Sheppard, C., Tenggardjaja, K., Gérard, K., Wörheide, G., 2012.
Phylogeography of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish in the Indian Ocean. PLoS
ONE 7 (8), e43499EP.
(open access)

Vogler, C., Benzie, J., Lessios, H., Barber, P., Wörheide, G., 2008. A
threat to coral reefs multiplied? Four species of crown-of-thorns
starfish. Biology Letters 4, 696--699.
(open acces now)

best wishes

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