[Coral-List] Looking to Volunteer or Internship for 2014

Steve Savage Steve_Savage at parkschool.org
Mon Jan 21 09:41:15 EST 2013

Attention Coral Researchers!

My name is Steve Savage, currently live in Foxboro Mass. and work in 
Brookline Mass. as school teacher; at the Park school. ( K-9). 
Next January ( 2014 ) as I have been awarded a sabbatical, 
one of my life's dream is to dive, and do research on the " Great Barrier
in Australia.  I realize their are many organizations that I could work
with, ex. Earth
Watch; GVI etc.  But the expense is overwhelming.  I'm reaching out to get
some ideas
from divers who have had experience with these organizations, or private
dive researchers
who are looking for divers.  My diving experience; certified PADI
instructor ( 1985). For 
many years, diving in the Caribbean and cold waters of the northeast.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, 


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