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I still think it should be touted to tourists as an aphrodisiac.  It is, after all, the LIONfish, and just look at that plumage!

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>Thats really good news!
>Maybe those lorge predatory fish will develop a taste for them and start
>eating more juveniles.  But the main predator that needs to develop a taste
>for lionfish is a human.  Luckily the human creature is lazy and easily
>swayed by marketing trends and will often consume the easiest food source
>available.  Lionfish has a tasty white flesh but local fish markets are
>loath to purchase from local fishermen because the public is not tuned in
>to this a popular seafood.
>If there was a marketing campaign by a large successful ad firm to tap into
>the human psyche and make this fish a desirable food source then I think a
>demand can be made for this fish.  This may put pressure on the burgeoning
>wild populations of lionfish.
>I know several commercial divers in south florida that could and would take
>heaps of lionfish daily but the local markets they sell to have no desire
>for this fish.
>Seems like a simple solution to help reduce wild lionfish populations and
>provide another seafood protein source for humans that might also ease
>pressure on other target food fish like the native apex predators that may
>also eat the lions.
>.....all we have to do is convince the general population that this a cool
>new trendy food....Anybody know any famous actors or musicians that want to
>campaign???  or an ad company with the concept to sway public opinion?
> They're a cool looking exotic fish!  marketed properly, they could
>probably command premium prices.
>On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 4:54 AM, andrew ross <andyroo_of72 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> List,
>> I was talking to a friend who's an avid spear-fisherman the other day.
>> He tells me that he has found juv. lionfish in the stomach of large mutton
>> snapper on at least one occasion on the reefs east of Kingston, Jamaica.
>> He says others in his crew have also seen in the gut of grouper. Didn't
>> specify species.
>> These are not dead&fed lionfish, it appears to be proper, wild consumption
>> by large predators on juv. lions.
>> A little hint of good news, and all the more reason to keep large fish on
>> the reef.
>> Andrew Ross
>> Seascape Caribbean
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