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Hi Julian,

This is not about dive marshalls as such, but snorkel marshalls...

I recently visited the Ecology Centre in Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico where they run a sea turtle conservation programme -http://www.ceakumal.org/index.php.  

Hundreds of visitors come to Akumal each day to snorkel with the turtles (greens and loggerheads) as they feed on the seagrass in the shallow waters. The bay is divided into various zones and the snorkellers only have access to certain areas. The project staff give a full briefing to all visitors upon arrival where they are shown a video and have the code of conduct explained to them prior to snorkelling. There are marshalls in sea kayaks patrolling the snorkelling areas and I witnessed a marshall berating a snorkeller who touched a turtle even after the briefing.

Hope this info is of some interest,
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On Jan 25, 2013, at 5:28 AM, Julian @ Reef Check wrote:

> Esteemed colleagues
> I acknowledge that this is not a scientific coral enquiry, but I think list
> readers probably cover most diving locations around the world, so can
> perhaps help. 
> I am doing some research on the issue of dive site management. Does anyone
> know of any MPA that is a popular dive site at which the management regime
> includes dive marshals whose role it is to follow dive groups and monitor
> their activities, and who have the authority to insist divers leave the
> water for not "obeying" site rules (eg., touching coral reef with fins or
> fingers, interfering with marine life)?
> Any information gratefully received.
> Regards
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