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Position Description

GIS Specialist

* *

This position is located within the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana
Islands (CNMI) Coastal Resources Management Office (CRM).  CRM provides
technical expertise and assistance for the planning, management, and
monitoring of coastal resources in the CNMI and ensuring their sustainable
use and development. CRM is made up of multiple branches that
comprehensively address resource management issues in the coastal zone.
These include Permitting, Enforcement, Outreach & Education, Non-Point
Source Pollution (NPS), The Coral Reef Program, Natural Resource Planning,
and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). CRM also takes an active role in
interagency resource management and planning initiatives, including marine
and coral monitoring, watershed management and conservation plans, and the
CNMI Climate Change Working Group.

In support of these programs and its agency mission, CRM is recruiting for
professionally qualified GIS personnel to assist with the implementation of
computer and GPS technologies, databases, software applications and tools
to produce an integrated geographic information system.

The GIS personnel must demonstrate adequate knowledge with data and process
modeling.  Under direct supervision of the Director, he/she will utilize
GIS for the purpose of spatial data management and visualization, as well
as organizing and enhancing existing systems.  The GIS personnel will work
within the CNMI GIS User Group to help direct GIS activities (data sharing,
standardized coordinate and datum scheme, and update responsibilities).
The position will assist other staff in the effort to install, implement,
and manage the on-going updates of CRM data and information systems.  The
GIS personnel will respond to requests of users, and troubleshooting
problems relating to software and hardware errors, as well as support and
train other users as needed.  The GIS personnel will provide IT support to
CRM, including specifications of computers, printers, plotters and network

*The GIS Specialist must have the following capabilities:*

*I.                   **Data Collection, Management, and Dissemination*

A.    Generate GIS spatial data using GPS for base layer development

B.     Familiarity with GPS survey methods, recent GPS technology including
Trimble and Garmin GPS units, and associated software packages

C.     Integrate new datasets developed by CRM sections or other partner
agencies, and update archived datasets.

D.    Develop and maintain detailed metadata for new and existing datasets.

E.     Coordinate off-island environmental research efforts that require
GPS and GIS components

F.      Work with partner agencies and CNMI GIS users to develop a
web-based portal for GIS data and mapping services

G.    Coordinate with other CNMI agencies and Federal partners for
distribution of new CNMI GIS datasets

*II.                **Project Planning and Grant Writing for GIS Program*

A.    Design projects and provide technical descriptions including budgets
for grant applications and grant reporting

B.     Familiarity with ESRI licensing to maintain existing licenses and
support ongoing maintenance and updates

C.     Capable of working under tight deadlines

*III.             **Training and Education*

A.    Promote GIS educational awareness and participate in GIS outreach
activities within CRM and partnering agencies

B.     Take a lead role in the CNMI GIS User Group and facilitate
inter-agency data coordination efforts.

C.     Provide occasional GIS outreach and education to the Northern
Marianas College.

D.    Familiarity with ESRI Training programs to enhance GIS skills of CRM
and partnering agency staff.

E.     Ability to plan training events including planning of logistics and

*IV.             **Spatial Planning*

A.    Provide GIS expertise and technical guidance for planning processes
related to CRM projects and management plans.

B.     Coordinate and participate with government agencies, community
leaders, special interest groups, committees, and contractors during the
project planning process

C.     Conduct data and information assessments pertaining to CRM projects
prior to the project planning process in order to identify information gaps

D.    Take a lead role in helping CRM implement Marine Spatial Planning
efforts in the CNMI

E.     Study of issues, trends, and need forecasting for the CRM GIS
program. Development of goals, objectives, scheduling, and plan strategies
for program implementation.

F.      Provide maps and graphics illustrating activities related to CRM
permitting, enforcement, and marine monitoring, as well as changes in these
activities over time.

G.    Work with appropriate CRM sections to update CRM Areas of Particular
Concern and marine conservation target areas using best available data.

*V.                **Regulatory Activities and Resource Management*

A.    Analyze and determine compatibilities of permitting and enforcement
areas to policies and guidelines

B.     Develop and assist training programs for CRM staff and partnering
agencies to promote spatial awareness in resource management

* *

*VI.             **Other responsibilities*

A.    Assist with production of thematic maps

B.     Provide occasional IT and network connectivity support for the CRM

C.     Coordinate imagery acquisition updates for the CNMI

D.    Coordinate topographic and bathymetric Lidar acquisition for the CNMI

E.     Work closely with NOAA PSC in building GIS Capacity in CNMI and
across the Pacific

*Minimum Qualifications:*

-       BS in Geography, Planning, Natural Resource Management or related

-       Must be proficient with ArcGIS 9.x and 10

-       Must have 3 to 5 years of applied experience with ArcGIS Technology..

-       Familiarity with Garmin and Trimble products

-       Proven experience generating outputs as described in Description of
Responsibilities (above) through publications, reports, or academic papers.

-       MS/MA in Planning, Natural Resource Management, Geography or
related field will substitute for up to 3 years of experience.

-       Must be physically fit for field work, willing to travel to other
islands within the CNMI, and tolerant of tropical conditions.

-       Must possess a valid driver’s license

*Desirable Qualifications:*

-       Familiarity with ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE technology

-       Experience with shoreline/coastal morphology surveying* *

* *

*Position Status and Salary:*

1year contract, ~ $ 30,000 - $35,000 per annum plus fringe benefits;

*To apply:*

Send full CV, copies of any pertinent published work, names and contact
information (mailing address, email address, phone numbers) of three
references to:

Rita C. Chong, Director

Coastal Resources Management Office

P.O. Box 10007

Saipan, MP 96950

Email inquiries and applications may be sent to:

Rita.chong at saipancrm.com and RobertGreene.CRM at gmail.com

* *


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